These fruit tarts are so good AND they’re sort of healthy, you know, because of the fruit (just go with it). Thanks to the magic of coconut cream, they are soy free too! It is so simple to make your own dairy free whipped cream and turn any plain dessert into a decadent treat, or just eat it right out of the bowl. Stay tuned for another recipe coming soon with this incredible magical coconut whipped cream!


1 batch of my Gluten Free Pie Crust (this is enough for about 4 mini tarts)

Maple glaze for the crust: 2 tbsp almond milk + 2 tbsp maple syrup

4 mini ramekins (about the size of your palm)

2 5-oz cans of coconut cream, chilled overnight

1 tbsp maple syrup

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Sliced mango, kiwi, and blackberries (or any other fruit you prefer)


*Make sure you chill the coconut cream cans in the fridge overnight before you start baking. They need to be cold so that the cream is solid enough for whipping. Put them in the fridge right side up so the cream solidifies on the top.

Make the pie dough, then leave in the fridge for an hour. Take out of the fridge, let it warm up for 5-10 minutes, then roll it out flat (about 1/4 inch thick) and place a quarter of the dough in each ramekin. Brush the dough with the maple glaze (2 tbsp almond milk + 2 tbsp maple syrup) and bake for 20 minutes at 350F.IMG_0051


While the dough is baking, open the cans of coconut cream. There should be a solid layer of cream on the top of the can, and below it will be a layer of thin watery liquid. You only need the solid cream on the top plus 1 tbsp of the liquid milk. You can save the liquid to use later in other recipes or toss it.  Scoop out the solid cream from all four cans + 1 tbsp liquid milk into a mixing bowl. Add the 1 tbsp maple syrup and 1/2 tsp of vanilla. Using a hand-held electric mixer, beat the cream until all the ingredients are incorporated. Start out on a slow speed and gradually increase until you see the cream start to become smoother. If you mix it for about 5-10 minutes, you’ll start to see it forming stiff peaks and looking more like a “whipped cream”.

Take the pie crust out and let it cool for about 10 minutes, and wash and slice the fruit while the crust is cooling. Spoon a quarter of the whipped cream into each pie crust so it fills it about halfway. Finally, layer the sliced fruit on top of the whipped cream, and enjoy your mini homemade fruit tart!


One thought on “Coconut Whipped Cream Mini Fruit Tarts

  1. Perri! This is awesome. I made a similar mini fruit tart for my Thanksgiving dessert table, but I used a sugar cookie dough instead of pie crust as a the base. The tarts were a huge hit and I can’t wait to try this version, especially with that maple glaze =)

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